The master gilder chooses in his palette a selection of all variations of gold - yellow or white gold leaf, or even green or red gold leaf - which he sometimes supplements by various other foils of metals such as platinum, silver, aluminium and palladium.
The master gilder performs this selection of materials and shades of gold, depending on the desired appearance and gradation effects.
Then, the crafstman gilder, who also plays with a wide range of patinas effects can improve his final stroke. The operation consists, after a slight erosion practiced on the gilding surface, to reappear background colors, which then allow to trace variations in tones of ochre, red, brown or even black.

Or jaune Or rouge Or blanc
yellow Gold red gold white Gold green gold
 Platinum  Palladium  Caplain  Aluminium

Atelier Huber

Since 1988, Atelier Huber, located in the very heart of Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris, is the specialist leaf gilding.
Our master gilders welcome you in our studio, from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 18:00

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