Our art, our expertise

Our art, our expertiseOur master gilders and craftsman gilders are passionate specialists of daring creations made with art, thoroughness and particular attention to detailed perfection in the purest tradition of master gilders, preserved and transmitted over the centuries.
They perform with enthusiasm original orders within architectural projects in art restoration or new achievements, whether the gildind process is transferred to our gilding studio or performed on site.
To practice our art in the best expectations of our clients and sponsors, our master gilders and craftsman gilders fully master both traditional methods and modern techniques of gilding: water gilding, reserved to wood support; oil gilding, applied to all supports.
Whichever technique is used, our master gilders focus on always performing finishes aspects of perfect shine, in harmony with the work of art or concerned object.
Most particular care is taken in the preparation of surfaces, in order to obtain a perfectly smooth support to gilding, which ensures the gold leaf with optimum sticking and excellent endurance of the works in the long term.


our art, our expertise

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Atelier Huber

Since 1988, Atelier Huber, located in the very heart of Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris, is the specialist leaf gilding.
Our master gilders welcome you in our studio, from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 18:00

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