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Chantier-exterieur200These sites notably relate to gilding ornamented gates and wrought iron balconies present in gardens and outbuildings, as well as gilded monumental sculptures or ornamented with gilding.

A typical example is the «Génie de la Liberté», a 6.5 meters high bronze statue overlooking 55 meters from the «colonne de Juillet», at Place de la Bastille in Paris.

Atelier Huber was tasked to restore the gilding of the «Génie» in 1989, for the bicentenary of the French Revolution: several layers of corrosion full protection were applied before covering the «Génie» with 5,500 gold leaves finish.

Outdoor Sites

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Atelier Huber

Since 1988, Atelier Huber, located in the very heart of Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris, is the specialist leaf gilding.
Our master gilders welcome you in our studio, from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 18:00

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